Western union reward points program gold card

The Western Union Agent will then deduct the corresponding points form your total, and hand over the reward to you. Sending money is Faster and Easier Necessary details are recorded in our system, so you will nothave to fill out additional forms for existing receivers. With 60 reward points, you can redeem a Lucky Draw Coupon (“Coupon”), for a chance to win a mobile phone. It’s your gateway to A World of Rewards The Rewards Points you accumulate with each transfer can be used to redeem exciting rewards.

Jayant Bhadauria, 34, head of education solutions at Adobe India, is expecting his second child this month. We make it easy to Trade, Exchange, Buy, Give or Redeem your points, miles and rewards from many of the world’s leading programs. Service fee reductions will be applied to the next qualifying transaction completed with your Gold Card. Redeem your choice rewards points for member rewards, you can even reduce a vehicle loan rate and waive mortgage application fees.

The program is totally free to anyone who uses Western Union and is designed to benefit frequent users and can be easily used to complete transactions at any of the over 350,000 Western Union locations worldwide. Other benefits that come with Gold Card membership include the chance to earn bonus points that you can redeem for items like a McDonalds gift card, grocery store gift cards. This eliminates the hassle of completing a form each time you visit a Western Union agent or if you make a transaction on-line or over the phone.

Branches Free of charge for all customers and has to be registered online for full benefits of the Program. Types of Card : First: Gold Card for Shareholders : The card member will get four cards (1 main and 3 supplementary) with the same loyalty account number, for the subscriber and the members of the household. The cardholder is responsible for any Loss, theft or Damage of the Main or Supplementary Card and must inform of the same at any UNION COOPs Branch. Subscriber can check the details of his Tamayaz Program online with his registered user ID and password anytime.

Where Your Prepaid Western Union Card Is Accepted This is a real Visa or MasterCard and can be used to rent a car, buy things online, pay bills, use over the phone, and it is even accepted worldwide. Western Union Prepaid Debit Card Fees Many prepaid cards have a monthly maintenance fee, an activation fee, and even a fee to purchase the prepaid card. Many people have also found these cards helpful, because you can only spend money that you have already deposited on your card.

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