Western union quick collect blue form

c) Payment confirmation number This information must be entered in the “Account Number” line under the “Sender” section of the Blue Form. Money not picked up within 45 days will be considered expired and will be credited back to AliExpress (the service fee deducted earlier will not be refunded). b) Company code: Alipay SG This code must be entered in the “Company Code” line under the “Pay To” section of the blue form.

When filling out the form, please follow this Guideline: Dollar Amount (amount you are paying) Pay To: Associated Credit Services, Inc. Code City: Millbrook, MA Once you have completed the transaction at the MoneyGram agent, your payment should be recieved at ACS within 30 minutes. If you do not wish to incur any additional fee in remitting payment, please select one of the other available Payment choices, or contact us.

Click here to view the list of countries where it is available Please email us for more information if Western Union does not offer the Quick Pay service at your location. Find the nearest Western Union location and go there to make your payment in cash To find the location, go to the Western Union website Go to the Western Union location and complete the blue Quick Collect form. In order to send us money with Western Union, please follow the steps below: Submit your order online, choose Western Union as payment method.

I already tried to change my form of confusing to networks union quick cash few times for few weeks and still receive the error message. Fill up the Western Union Money payment “To receive money” form with the payment such as the MTCN, payment amount, your name, your notification. You should just go in the nearest payment Union Agent receiving, fill out “to receive Money” form and write the Money receipt Control Number(MTCN). Western Union Money Application is a service offered by NLB inheritance will receive a Western with a control number for the form that.

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